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Photo by_ Airman 1st Class Erick Requadt

AELA at a Glance

Established with the support of the Charles Stewart Mott Foundation, the Alabama Expanded Learning Alliance (AELA) is one of the 50 national afterschool networks dedicated to informing policy, developing partnerships, and shaping practices to sustain and increase the quality of afterschool programs nationwide.

Kids in Preschool

About the 50 State Afterschool Network

In every state an afterschool network is broadening opportunities for youth.

The 50 State Afterschool Network is the aggregate of 50 independent networks, sharing the collective impact and innovations in supporting and expanding afterschool and summer learning programs nationwide.

Seeking equitable outcomes for children to succeed in school and future jobs, a statewide afterschool network brings together cross-sector leaders with a common vision and coordinated strategy to advance quality afterschool and summer learning programs.

What We Do


We bring together resources, expertise and best practices to improve afterschool funding, access and quality across the state.



We coordinate professional development and trainings to help youth workers be their very best (so youth get the most out of their afterschool experiences!)



We listen to the broad field of afterschool to identify our most urgent shared needs, then work together to advocate for solutions that make the greatest impact.

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