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Developed for the 50 State Afterschool Networks – with leadership from the Georgia Statewide Afterschool Network – to engage and support children and youth nationwide, the Summer Activity Guides are FREE resources available to afterschool providers.  Activity batches are provided with supplemental materials to assist in preparing and implementing high-quality summer programs.

Summer Resource Guide


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Getting to Know the New Summer Activity Guides
This webinar provides participants with an overview of the new Summer Activity Guides. We dive in to the structure and various elements of the activities for each age group so that participants feel comfortable facilitating every component of these lessons. We also discuss the unit themes and all of the exciting content you can look forward to this summer! Click the title to watch a recording.

Keeping Youth Engaged This Summer
Youth development programs are serving youth using a mix of approaches this summer, including in-person, virtually, or take-home activities. Regardless of the approach, programming will be most effective when positive youth development is practiced. This webinar addresses a range of practices and tips for ensuring that your programming is engaging and fun. We discuss how to use the new Summer Activity Guide and other resources in order to effectively engage with youth through different delivery models. We discuss ideas for modifying in-person programming to ensure the health and safety of your youth. Lastly, we cover tips and tools for driving youth engagement through virtual programming and address ideas for maintaining consistent connections with youth through digital programming and take-home programming. Click the title to watch a recording.

Download the Summer Activity Guide!

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