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Credit for Learning

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Are you interested in learning how students can receive elective credits for learning opportunities that are currently being provided through youth leadership programs, scouts badging, summer computer science and/or robotics camps, and many others?

Alabama’s Extended Learning Opportunities (ELO) Act (HB486) opens new opportunities and paths for students to participate in individualized activities outside of the classroom that align with student interests, provide exposure to career interests, and include the application of 21st-century skills. This provides various student benefits by allowing these learning opportunities outside of the school day/year to count for official credit-bearing electives. 

Alabama Extended Learning Opportunities Resources

ELO Checklist


Afterschool/ Summer Program ELO Rubric

Extended Learning Opportunity Rubric

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  • What does the ELO request and approval process look like?

  • Where can I find examples of current Alabama extended learning opportunities that align with legislative approval requirements?


The Alabama Expanded Learning Alliance can help you answer these and many other questions. Reach out to Tracye Strichik and we will help you develop a model program aligned with Alabama’s Course of Study. 

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